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EXCLUSIVE. LIMITED EDITION. NFT Cannabis trading cards.
Collect your favorite strains!

🌲~CannaCards collectible NFTs~🌲


Series #01 is the old school strains that started modern cannabis culture. Panama Reds, Colombian Gold, Thai-stick, etc.. These are the grandparents of the hybrids that are popular today. Series 02 will be the first generation hybrids and Series03 the next generation & until I get to the current super hybrids.

  • -Cards are minted with exclusivity

  • -Limited edition-series01 will sell out FAST

  • -Sold on for ethereum or other cryptocurrency agreed upon

  • -Super Very Rare cards introduced randomly

  • -card back has stats for each strain

  • -each strain has been extensively researched by our staff

Series 01-Old School Strains- Panama Red (RARE), Maui Wowie, Colombian Gold, Thai Stick, Afghani, Acapulco Gold (RARE SOLD GOLD), Durban Poison, Purple Haze, Skunk #1, Lambs Bread, Haze

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